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Academic Publishing insists on taking academic exchange and publication as the main line, based on science and technology, facing education, multi-media and comprehensive management, and fully tapping international excellent publishing resources. Within 5 years, it will form a strategic framework and scale with science (S), technology (T), medicine (M), education (E) and social science (H) as the main publishing fields.Academic Publishing is headquartered in Singapore, with Malaysia as its working base, and the United States and China as the main experts in scientific research and academic publishing.At the same time, it has established

long-term good cooperative relations with publishing companies and scientific research and academic organizations in more than a dozen countries and regions.Academic Publishing use English and Chinese as their main publishing languages, books, periodicals and conference papers as our main publications, and paper and online publications as our main publishing forms. The vast majority of publications follow the principle of international open access to publications, providing stable and long-term quality and professional publications for their peers. With the joint efforts of the expert team and our professional editorial team, our publications will gradually enter the international mainstream periodical databases in stages to provide convenient and professional retrieval for various scholars. At the same time, the manuscripts we accept will follow the peer...


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